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Throw your emotions at the wall, destroy your instruments and get blasted back to the teenage angst that once ruled the centre of your universe. This is the essence of Red Air, your pop punk wet dream.

A Tasty mixture of Blink 182, The Ramones, Rise Against, Taking Back Sunday, Biffy Clyro, and Sum 41.

Red Air was formed in the cold dead grip of winter in late 2014. Rostik (vocals/guitar) exchanged emails with Alexey (guitarist) through the popular web forum called craigslist, originally coming to try out as the bassist of the band. But bass wasn’t in the books for Rostik, feeling frustrated with the situation, Rostik sucked up his pride and decided to make the best of the meeting by serenading Alexey and Dave (drummer) with a couple of his songs, and thus became the lead singer of the band.

The 3 stooges were now searching for the last missing piece: bass man. This piqued Robert’s interest, the mad scientist who is possessed by the bass guitar, and after coming to “try” out for the band, within minutes, Rostik, Alexey and Dave had to have this anomaly in the band. Fortunately, Robert felt the same way about these strangers, and Red Air was formed.

Red Air began writing songs and decided they wanted to record pro sounding tunes right off the bat, and in the summer of 2015 they released their first 3 songs. With music in hand, they have been playing the local Toronto Circuit, leaving pools of sweat and static shock in their wake.

On June 10th Red Air will be releasing their “Invincible” EP.

The band is currently back in the studio again recording their next wave single “Sold Your Soul”, working on their 4th music video, playing shows around Toronto, and Planning for their first tour in 2017.

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